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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cara mengatasi koneksi internet lemot di HP android

Cara mengatasi koneksi internet lemot di HP / smartphone android, gunakan aplikasi Network Speed Booster.

Download disini :

Network Speed Booster renews the connection to cell sites to give a much improved signal reception & internet speed!

* Highest rated Network Booster app on the Google Play Store! *
Take giant leaps on your quest towards better internet browsing speed, better online gaming & better data download! Simply tap the “Booster” button and sit back and allow Network Speed Booster to present you with a fresh network and a highly increased data speed.

Key features:
• Improves your signal reception and Internet speeds
• Improves your wifi signal
• Gives you better call quality
• Maximizes your phone’s broadband radio power
• Data connection switch
• WiFi state switch
• Airplane mode switch
• Most intuitive network & internet booster app!
• A lot more to come
* Network Speed Booster have partnered with Pocket-Change to offer you awesome real rewards for just using the app! *


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