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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lirik lagu Brand New Day - Mascara (마스카라)

Lirik lagu Brand New Day - Mascara (마스카라)


I wanna live without you
I wanna live without you
I wanna live without you

Uh jjun ji ee sang ha da seng gak hae ssuh ssuh wen ji duh jal hae ju neun gut gat duh ni
Geuh nyuh doh al go it ni nuh ba ram pi neun gul nuh uh di drama jjik ni nal du go
Ah pa doh cham ah ssuh geuh nom eh jung ee mwuh gil le
Ha ji man ee jen da ji chuh ssuh

Mi chut na bwa nuh reul sarang het da ni ji geum ggut nuh man sarang het da ni
Shi gan eul dol lil su man it da myun geuh ruh go man shi puh
Noon mool lo bun jin mascara doh gwen cha na ma ji mak il te ni
Boot ja ba doh ah mu so yong up suh oo rin ggeut nan guh ya

Na bbeun nam ja ga yo jeum in gi ra myun suh
Geuh gul lo ddan yuh jal han bun man na bwa
Weh ja ggu jun hwa hae gan da ni ah shwi oon ga bwa
Cham ah bwa nuh doh ji na myun gwen chan eul guh ya

Get away, get away ga juh ga ji nan nal mo du da up sut dun il chuh rum

Mi chi doh rok nuh reul sarang het neun de ju guh doh nuh yuh ya man het neun de
Ee jen gge dal ah ssuh nuh up shi doh sal su it da neun gul

Noon mool lo bun jin oo ri chu uk doh gga man noon mool eh ji wuh bol ge
Ji oo go ji wuh suh up sel guh ya heun juk jo cha up shi

Jung mal ggeut nan guh ya

English translation

I wanna live without you
I wanna live without you
I wanna live without you

I knew something was up, you were treating me too well
Does she know that you’re cheating? Are you shooting a drama with me?
I put up with the pain because of old affection
But now I’m sick of it

I must’ve been crazy to have loved you, to have loved only you
If only I could turn back time, I would
It’s okay that my mascara is running because it’ll be the last time
There’s no use trying to stop me, we’re done

They say bad guys are popular these days
Use that to find another girl
Why are you calling me? You don’t want to lose me?
Just bear with it, it’ll pass

Get away, get away, take the past with you like it never happened

I loved you so much, it had to be you
But now I know that I can live without you

I’ll try to erase our memories with the falling tears
I’m going to erase and erase until all traces disappear

It’s really over

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