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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jung Il Young – Reason, Ost. Drama Korea Endless Love

Jung Il Young – Reason, Ost. Drama Korea Endless Love

Lirik lagu reason - Jung Il Young

Naege dwidoraseoji marayo na ui nuneur bo ayo
Onsesang ha yeohdeon geuddae e yagsog ijeonayo
Wae nar pogi haryeogo hajyo geudaen geuge swibnayo

Naegeman ireohge eoryeo un irin geongayo
Cheo eumbuteo urineun sijagdwi eoseon andwineun
Nunmur seoggin aewoni deo ug geudaereur
noheursuga eobneyo

Naegeseo geudaeneun sarajyeoseon andwindeun
Bichi eosseumeur anayo
Geudaega ddeonamyeon na e modeun sesangdo

Sarajindaneun geor ijineun marayo
Sumeur swigo sipeoyo geudae saranganeseo

Geudae saengangmaneuro useumi nayo na egen
himi dwi eoyo
Geudae saengangmaneuro nunmuri nayo modeun
geosi duryeowo

Lirik lagu ost. Drama korea Endless love, reason - Jung Il Young
English Translation

Don’t turn your back on me
Look in my eyes
When the whole world was all white,
Did you forget the promise we had then?

Why do you leave me now?
Is it easy for you to do so?
Is it only hard to me?

Since the beginning, our love has been wrong
With tears, I beg you not to abandon me anymore
Do you know you should be the ever-lasting light for me?

Never forget when you leave, the whole world in my
heart would also disappear
I want to breathe in the midst of your love

I smile at the thought of you
It gives me strength
I cry at the thought of you
I became scared of everything

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