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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lirik lagu Endah N Rhesa - I Don't Remember

Lirik lagu Endah N Rhesa - I Don't Remember
Lirik lagu I Don't Remember - Endah n Rhesa

I don't know where I live
don't know what I'm doing over here
I can't remember all this street
Just Walking my way and
I'm asking to the people all arround
they pay no heed to me at all

Suddenly after view minutes
I hear a whisper in my ears
it says : "find me and you know what you've been through,
I'm a white black beagle with a brown pelt on my left eye"

I just can say I don't remember
oh I lost my mind and I just can say I don't remember
I've finally found you dog but you're running down to the road

I'm stealing a bike I'm chasing you up
cause you are the answers of my questions
oh I'm really tired, I can't move anymore
but the dog stops in the end of the street
The dog is right i've got my memories back

cause i see my bode lays over there
i'm a dead man walking i meet my destiny
I saved the dog and let my soul free
the truck came when the dog was on the street
I was trying to get him and it's not too late
but yeaah
I know I was there and then I'm here

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