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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Online money converter

If we run any bussiness that related with currencies, such as export and import or foreign exchange, then we need to use any online money converter to help us know exchange rates at all times.

For example, money converter dollars to pounds with online money converter is a simple calculator for currency conversion. With just a click of the mouse the process has become altogether simpler for everyone. The latest rate is used to calculate your conversion result. The money converter data is updated each hour during the working week.

By using an online money converter to know how much your money will exchange for a particular currency will help you stay out of trouble whether you are a businessman, a traveller, or just an online shopper, to get update of any change of currencies rates.

If you need a money converter calculator widget for your website, you can grab the code from, an online money converter site. This code can be downloaded for Joomla, WordPress or as standard HTML code for inserting in your web pages and blogs.

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rtechno said...

converter untuk mata uang indonesia tidak ada um ??

Currency Calculator said...

it this a real world tool and tells current exchange rates??

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