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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


eiknujomorp, kata kunci untuk kontes SEO yang diselenggarakan oleh forum Promojunkie. yang beralamat di Kontes ini dimulai sejak tanggal 10 Agustus 2010, dan akan berakhir pada tanggal 10 Oktober 2010 nanti.

eiknujomorp adalah promojunkie yang dibalik, dibaca dari kanan ke kiri. Berikut ini adalah informasi tentang kontes SEO eiknujomorp dari forumnya, di thread

PromoJunkie SEO Contest 5 Info & Rules

Want to make some extra cash? Why not make a website or a page on an existing website; optimized it for the given keyword and get it to one of the top 3 spots on Google for the keywords we provide you. If you do that you are guaranteed a cash prize. We know you are excited about competing in our SEO contest, but it gets even better. A cool SEO contest like ours is not complete without really cool prizes for the winners! To win a prize all you have to do is place first, second, or third in Google's organic SERPs for the targeted keyword.

The Targeted Key Phrase for this SEO Contest is:

(Please do not post this key-phrase in our threads so the serps don't pick it up!!!)

1st Place: $200.00 Cash (Must rank 1st position to win)
2nd Place: $100.00 Cash (Must rank 2nd position to win)
3rd Place: $50.00 Cash (Must rank 3rd position to win)

* Winnings will be received via PayPal transfer.

When Does The Contest Start?

The contest starts on August 10, 2010 and ends on October 10, 2010. (10:00pm GMT-7)

SEO Contest Rules

* You must Register to participate in the contest. (* All feilds required)
* Your contest entry url (content) MUST be in English.
* You are allowed to use a domain, sub directory, or sub domain.
* Your entry page must provide the back link given below, this is mandatory. (must be do-follow)
* You can use an existing domain however the entry url/page submitted must be brand new with no back links and no cached versions. (your enty page can not be older than 08-10-2010)
* You are allowed to use white hat seo tactics, no cloaking and/or hidden text or other black hat tactics.
* We will periodically compare entry urls with their cached version in order to discover the cloakers etc., hence we kindly ask that you to avoid using any kind of no archive meta tags and whois guard.
* Indented listings do not count -- each domain can win only one prize.
* You are allowed to change your url as long as you contact Decipher to remove old url and the new entry url follows these rules.

** We have the right to amend these rules if we see fit to do so.


* Contestant serp rankings can be checked on the results page.
* Keep in mind that when you register for the contest you need to make sure that the enrty url is to the exact page you are submitting to the contest.
So if you enter YOURDOMAIN.COM on the registeration form and create your page on YOURDOMAIN.COM/KEYWORD.PHP your serp will not register in the contest.
* Upon registering if and feilds are left unspoken for or if the url entered does not meet the required specs the entry will be deleted.
* Throughout the contest we will be checking and re-checking entry pages to verify age and backlink, If one is found that is either older then the above provided date or one that doesn't have the required backlink (provided below) the entry will be deleted and disqualified from the contest, so make sure your entry page meets the requirements for the contest.

Required Backlink:
Now we may be nice, but in order to qualify.. the entry url page must have a link back to's Forum page (Must be do follow). Any participants who doesn't seem fit to maintain the back link to PromoJunkie forum page will be removed and disqualified from our seo contest.

Insert this html code into your entry page.
HTML Code:
If you are interested in finding out more information regarding our contest please refer to our SEO Contest Info page and/or plan on joining our Contest you can do so by filling out our Registration Form.

* If you or your Company is interested in also sponsoring this contest you will need to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you and/or your company to the contest, and wish you well on your success!

Thanks & Good Luck!

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tips dan trik seo pemula said...

mangstab mas,,ayo dilanjutkan perjuanganya. semoga meraih hasil yang terbaik. Kalah menag nggak masalah yang penting sportifitas tetep dijaga.

eiknujomorp said...

this is my another international seo contest. i never win lol.. need your advice on eiknujomorp seo contest

FamilyAqiqah said...

mangatbs..salam kenal

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