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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mailing list company

The List Company specializes in mailing lists, telemarketing lists, opt-in email lists and sales leads. In order to improve your knowledge and direct marketing success, read the tips and information from The List Company Blog.

The List Company is a mailing list company that has one of the largest databases which contains in excess of 14 million US businesses and 300 million US consumers.The List Company has established itself as a leader in the list industry providing the most effective resources for all of your direct mail and telemarketing needs. Some of the products that we have include, consumer lists, business lists, telemarketing lists, mortgage mailing list, and specialty response lists. The mailing list or telemarketing list that you receive from The List Company is highly targeted data and is guaranteed in writing.

The List Company Supplying the highest quality researched, complied, and scientifically analyzed information on American consumers and businesses. It's your leading resource for life insurance mailing lists and sales leads.

You can find Tips and Lists for Direct Marketing Success from this site. They maintain demographic and behavior files on over 300 million US consumers and can isolate behavior and purchasing patterns for over 10 years.

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