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Thursday, September 3, 2009

File extension downloadhost

File extension downloadhost is using by MSN software like MSN Explorer, a web browser that was developed by Microsoft and this browser integrates both of Windows features and MSN features such as Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Live messenger with the use of a web browser. In order to use all of these features you need to have a Windows Live ID.

File extension downloadhost contains data regarding download settings for MSN software. These settings include information about data transfer, packets, protocol, checksums, verification, etc. Windows utilizes these files in the background without users being aware.

If you are an MSN subscriber and having trouble with their service and got error message like this : "Windows cannot open this file: MSN##.downloadhost", maybe it is the result of Windows registry corruption. Maybe if you commonly with registry error, you will try to repair it and solve manually.

But, if you unfamiliar with any problem about drivers, and anything else about them, such as this
File extension downloadhost, you need to update your drivers regularly. You can use software like driver Cure to scan any outdated drivers in your computer and automatically update it for you.

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All About Samarinda (is) said...

Bau baunya duit nih...katanya nggak mudeng english.....

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