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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

File extension 3gp overview

File extension 3gp is a familiar video file format for us. Most of us usually play this video format in our phone / mobile devices, or in our computer. We often watching funny videos in our phone or maybe watching music clip video there, file extension 3gp is a multimedia file video format specially developed for phone or mobile devices. It is based on the MP4 file format. 3gp video commonly produced by mobile devices / gadgets, It is a simplified version of MPEG-4 Part 14 ( MP4 ).

This file extension 3gp video is viewable / played on a PC using programs like VLC Media Player, MPlayer, Quicktime, Totem, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player. Some of converter software used to convert 3gp files into other video formats such as .AVI, .MPEG, or from other video formats into .3gp videos are Oxelon Media Converter, Mobile 3GP converter, 3gpToRawAvi converter, Total video converter, QuickTime Alternative and Zwei-Stein Video Editor. File extension 3gp describes image sizes and bandwidth, so content is correctly sized for mobile display screens. That's why this video so small if we watch them on PC.

Find more information about this 3gp video format, and if you have any problems and need help, try to visit, update your driver there by download the driver cure software and solve your problems with file extension 3gp errors in your computer.

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