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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Email marketing with iContact

If you run a business that need to send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders, RSS feeds and anything like that, you have to choose a trusted and reliable email marketing service provider for doing that all for your enterprise.

One of email marketing agency enterprise that allow you easily to create, send, and manage email, newsletters, etc. to promote your business to your customers is iContact at iContact easily set up, organize, and leverage your mailing list to boost your email marketing into overdrive, they will do the best for your business online and marketing online.

iContact has inexpensive prices offer for you. iContact starts at $9.95 per month and scales upward based on list size. They also have an Enterprise product for larger organizations that starts at $660/month. That a good prices to have an email marketing campaign.

iContact has an easy to use interface and over 300 professionally-designed email templates. The iContact application allows you to track the opens and clickthroughs on your emails, add a sign-up form to your web site, segment your list, and manage your subscribers.

You can try to promote your business with a 15 day free trial of iContact email marketing at Watch An overview video at before you use their services.

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soewoeng said...

bau dolar nih

Blogodolar said...

Gak punya uangnya Mas untuk sewa iContact. Pengen sih, namun apa daya gak ada dana :D

rayearth2601 said...

@ om soewoeng : bunyinya krincing-krincing, wkwk

@ blogodolar : walah, mending sewa PS aja bos, maen PS, hehe

Dudayz said...

Berbau dolar nih.. hehehhe !!

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