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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Easy to create PDF Document

PDF or Portable Document Format, a file format for document exchange, was created by Adobe Systems in 1993. A lot of documents such as ebook spread now in .pdf extension, cause PDF file format can be read on any computer operating system like Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

There are many options to use a pdf viewer / pdf reader software with free of charge such as Adobe Reader from Adobe Inc, Foxit Reader, PDF XChange Viewer, and others.

If you want to create pdf files with pdf creator software, there are a lot of options to use pdf maker software. One of them is a pdf software from It's easy to use and easy to create PDF document within a minute. You can view, create, and print pdf documents by this software.

You can create pdf documents from Microsoft office, from word documents, excel spreadsheet, powerpoint slideshow presentation, and any other application that can print that you want. Using this software from you can convert pdf documents to word documents or convert word to pdf, and you can use a password to protect your document privacy too.

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