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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile marketing with

Nowadays, cellular phone ( mobile phone ) is become a needed and must have "utility" for every persons. From children, teenager, and parents, mostly of them already having their own cell phone, for their own purposes that always mobile. And not less of them that having more than one mobile phone.

Based on that fact, mobile phone users are potential market for advertisers to promote their products and services by mobile advertising. Advertisers can sending text messages ( SMS ) to their customers via mobile phones, giving them any information about their product updates or services, or just giving reminder for their customers about any Sale or discount at their stores, and giving any mobile coupons for customers.
mobile marketing onlineIf you interested in mobile marketing, and already having customer's phone number databases, maybe you can visit, and try using their service at mobile marketing, database marketing, and other services to advertise your products and services via text message. using short codes, and offers both of interactive and broadcast text messaging. Interactive text messaging means that your customers send a keyword to 84444 and then he will be receive a text message reply for his request. Broadcast text message means that you as advertiser sending any text messages to your customers that already located at your customer / recipient databases.
And more another mobile marketing services at

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byme said...

slam kenal

rayearth2601 said...

okay, salam kenal juga ya byme

sawali tuhusetya said...

duh, sayangnya hp-ku butut dan jadul banget, mas, jadi ndak bisa nih digunakan utk pakai fitur macem2, hiks.

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