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Thursday, November 27, 2008

nyari duit sekaligus nyari referral di downlinebux

Your account has two balances: an Earn Balance and a Purchase Balance. All earnings will be credited to your Earn Balance. You can withdraw money from your Earn Balance by either using our AlertPay Instant Cashout system or by transferring money to your Purchase Balance. Your Purchase Balance can be used to make on-site payments, e.g. for Referral Requests or Advertisement Packages. You can fund this balance by transferring money from your AlertPay account to your Purchase Balance or by transferring money you've earned from your Earn Balance to your Purchase Balance (see Internal Transfer). Note that money transferred to your Purchase Balance cannot be refunded, cashed out or transferred back to your Earn Balance.

Downline Builder section
A referral is someone who signed up under you in your program using your referral URL. You can find this URL in your program's members area. A promotor is a user who is promoting a program using his/her referral URL, with the intention to get other users signed up to his/her program. A referral request is a filled out and submitted form to our database. Other users within our community can fulfill your request by joining your program under you.

Strategy to get referrals
- Earn money by surfing advertisements, validating programs/advertisements or signing up to programs.
- Transfer some money from your Earn to your Purchase Balance, or alternatively, fund your Purchase Balance by using your AlertPay account.
- Explore the program signup list a locate the program you want referrals for (if available), to see what other users are offering.
- Fill out a referral request form. Spend some $cents on your request based on what 'competitor' promotors are offering. Obviously, the higher your offer, the sooner a user will sign up to your program.
- Wait until a user signs up to your program (you will be notified by our messaging system).
- The user who signed up to your program provides you some details, like his/her username or email address. Based on this information, either accept or decline the sign-up by logging in to your program and verifying if your new referral has been added to your downline.

Validation time-out
If you promote programs, you need to validate signups within a 5 day period of time (=120 hours), i.e. when a user signs up to your program, you need to either accept or decline the user's sign-up within this time frame. If you wait longer, the sign-up is automatically accepted.

Payments in the Downline Builder
The two parties involved in a downline builder agreement should be mutual: a classical win-win situation. If you have been promoting a program, you new referral will earn you money in your program. If you have signed up to a program, you will be paid by us (in dollars) daily for a predetermined number of days. You can find this 'daily transfer' on the program signup page.

As a promotor, there are no limitations. You can add as many referral requests as you want for as many programs as you like, allowing you to get as many referrals you can ever dream of. As a referral, you can sign up to 20 programs. We believe it is not doable to be active in more than 20 programs.

Supported programs
We offer referrals for any free programs on the web by our Downline Builder. As we have just launched, our database containing all supported programs is still limited. You can submit submit programs that are missing in our database, if they meet our criteria. Submitted programs will be validated by a number of users in our community and automatically added to the database if they pass validation. You can have missing programs picked up in our database virtually within minutes.

A system based on trust
Although ingeneous constructions can fight misuse of the Downline Builder section, we decided to keep things simple and easy to understand. Common cheats are: A) referrals not signing up or being inactive in your program, or B) promotors who falsely deny/reject signups of honest referrals. To concede to this issue you can write both positive and negative reviews about other users. It is highly recommended to check these reviews before signing up to a promotor's program or accepting a referral's signup. We take no responsibility for a user's signup and/or activity in your program or a promotor stopping the daily transfer of your payment (see Terms of Service).

Paid to Click section

Surf frequency
You can surf advertisements once per 24 hours.

We use a fixed timer of 20 seconds for all advertisement packages.

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sapimoto said...

Susah banget cari refferal, Ray...
Apakah kamu masih ada program yang ada dibawahku? Mohon diingatkan, jika ada yang belum terbayar, terimakasih....

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