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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nyari duit di BUXERO

Sign up to Buxero today!

Buxerois currently in Pre-BETA and will be releasing soon.

Buxero is a website which pays you to click ads, using third parties and exclusive partnerships with advertisement agencies to provide our users with a/an extensive amount of ads to click. You just view the advertisement and after a while, you'll find a few extra bucks in your pocket. Payments will be paid at a minimum balance of $2.50 and paid immediately to your account.

From this - we are able to provide a website which makes everyone happy. Advertisers, we are able to provide a huge amount of clicks for a very affordable price. Manage your advertisements in one center and even have extra features such as description, bold and highlight features to make your advertisement stand out. Extensive features provided to ensure our members view your ad, or they won't qualify for the payment. If your website is ever slow, we won't charge you. So with Buxero, you're in good hands.


Buxero pays you to visit websites, paid for by advertisers wanting to promote a service.

You view the website for a minimum amount of seconds before you recieve your credit; If you refer other users with your unique referral link you are paid commission for each ad click they click.

We also offer you detailed statistics of your earnings through your own clicks and your referrals.

After you reach a minimum balance of $2.50 you can cashout your funds to AlertPay and you will be paid immediately, just seconds after you request!

Payment Rates
Per Click:
  • Normal: $0.005
  • Upgraded: $0.01

Per Referral Click:
  • Normal: $0.0025
  • Upgraded: $0.005
JOIN at BUXERO here !!!

PTC SCAM, closed !!!

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